The use of the n-word continues to be up for debate. Who can and who can’t say the n-word is a topic of conversation that oftentimes can become heated. There are those that believe only Black people are allowed to say it, while others claim some White people get a pass because of where they grew up and the friends they have. Others have said that if it’s in a song and used for entertainment purposes, it should be permissible to everyone, while people like N.O.R.E. and Waka Flocka Flame shared that they think it needs to be cut from everyone’s vocabulary. Ja Rule agrees.

Ja Rule, N-word, Drink Champs, Waka Flocka
Noam Galai / Stringer / Getty Images

Over on his Instagram page, Ja Rule shared a clip of Noreaga and Waka Flocka on Drink Champs. In it, the two hip hop icons briefly discussed dropping the n-word. “I think we should stop saying ‘n*gga,'” Noreaga said in the clip. “I think the world ‘n*gga’ should be stopped in our whole vocabulary.” Waka echoed his sentiments and added that the word does nothing to benefit the culture.

In the caption, Ja Rule co-signed their stance. “I agree my brothers!!! Abolish the N-Word… repost!!! as black men we shouldn’t want to refer to each other as a word that was meant to demean and oppress our ppl… #ICONN.” Do you agree that the n-word needs to be abolished? Check out the post below.