A once-stolen trophy belonging to Isiah Thomas will be returned. The Detroit Pistons icon was surprised to see one of his treasures up for auction. On Monday (August 10), Heritage Auctions Sports tweeted a photo of Thomas’s MVP trophy with the caption, “Every starter in the 1984 NBA All Star Game has a bust in the HOF but one star shone above the rest that day in Denver, Isiah Thomas. His 21pts, 5rebs, 4 steals and 15 assists netted him this MVP trophy, but it will join one bidder’s trophy case on Aug 29.” Isiah Thomas was not amused.

The sports legend retweeted the message and revealed that this trophy has been missing since June 2019. “This trophy was stolen from St. Joseph High School the night Mr. Pingatore my coach died it belongs to me. You stole my trophy please return it! Let it be known,” Thomas wrote. The NBA All-Star trophy had reportedly been given to the high school on loan.

Heritage Auctions responded, stating that they would investigate the matter, and according to¬†ESPN, they learned through police records that it was, indeed, stolen property. They promised to return the item to Thomas, but unfortunately, the retired basketball player’s other plaques are still missing.

“For me and my family, the silver lining in all of this is that it showed up at your house [Heritage Auctions],” Thomas said. “We never would have known, so we are grateful and I am thankful that the item was found and will be returned.”