GZA is known as The Genius of the Wu-Tang Clan, which is why a recent Instagram post from the legend raised many eyebrows. The post features GZA taking a video of his view of the ocean. Of course, when looking out at the ocean, the Earth may appear flat. “Round of flat?,” asked GZA. Of course, his caption left the social media world confused. 

“Round anything else is 🤡,” responded one follower. “This is a stupid already answered question,” responded another.  One user wrote “There is a reason why ships in pursuit of another ship would sail 3.1 miles away: to avoid being seen, they’d sail just over the curve of the horizon where only the crow’s nest would poke over. This is only possible if the Earth is a sphere.” Finally, as if to break the tension, GZA responded, writing, “EXACTLY” under that comment. 

We believe The Genius was just trolling, or attempting to start some controversy for the fun of it on his page. His knowledge of the world, and also his extensive travels, would have to alert him to the spherical shape of the Earth. Do you believe the Earth is flat, or do you believe in science?