Former BBK member and grime rapper Solo 45 has officially been sentenced to prison time after he was found guilty of 21 counts of rape. According to the Guardian, a judge has sentenced Solo 45 to 24 years in prison. Four women came forward with accusations that Solo 45 raped them and held them captive. 

Solo 45 was convicted of 21 counts of rape, two counts of assault by penetration, two counts of false imprisonment and two counts of assault causing bodily harm. His victims accused him of heinous crimes like waterboarding them with a cloth soaked in bleach over their face and beating them with weapons. 

“I’m entirely satisfied that your career as a music artist was flourishing at the time of this offending and that you would have gone to great heights. Your convictions have deprived you of that career, but the fault is yours alone,” Judge William Hart said. The judge also added that he had no “sexual boundaries” towards his victims and became addicted to feeding his  “perverted pleasure” from abusing these women.

Solo 45 admitted in court during his trial that he liked to “terrorize” women, though he maintained that it was all consensual. He filmed these acts which were shown in court. The videos were so gruesome that the public was forced to clear the room with only members of the media allowed to view the footage.