Joseph DeAngelo, now known as the Golden State Killer, admitted to committing 13 murders and close to 50 rapes during the 1970s and 80s. These crimes were considered to be a cold case, although a few years ago, authorities were able to trace DeAngelo’s whereabouts using ancestral DNA.┬áThis year, DeAngelo pled guilty to his crimes, and this past week, he was finally sentenced.

At 74 years old, it was a given that DeAngelo would die in prison, but now, it’s become a reality. Judge Michael Bowman sentenced DeAngelo to an unprecedented 11 consecutive life sentences, as well as 15 concurrent ones. Eight years were added to the end of these sentences for good measure. In the midst of his sentencing, Judge Bowman offered some strong and powerful words to DeAngelo.

Joseph DeAngelo

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

“This is the absolute maximum sentence the court is able to impose under the law,” judge Bowman said. “And while the court has no power to make a determination where the defendant is imprisoned, the survivors have spoken: Clearly the defendant deserves no mercy.”

The families of DeAngelo’s victims have been vocal throughout the process, noting that he has brought great pain to them all. His sentencing is the justice that many have been waiting on for decades and it’s good to see it come so swiftly.