By now, everyone knows about Lou Williams’ trip to Magic City following his excused absence from the NBA bubble. Williams didn’t get in too much trouble for the endeavor as he simply had to quarantine for 10 days before being allowed to rejoin his team on the court. In the end, Williams’ whole reason for going to the strip club is because he wanted to go get himself some food, including the establishment’s trademark wings.

While speaking to TMZ Sports recently, Gilbert Arenas called BS on Williams’ reasoning for hitting up the club. As Arenas says in the video below, no one goes to strip clubs for the food and that Arenas has never personally done such a thing. With this in mind, he seems to think Williams is simply trying to make up anything so that he doesn’t get into trouble.

“I would never eat at a strip club. I don’t go to the strip club to eat wings,” Gilbert said. “I can go to Wing Stop for some wings. I go to the strip club to see strippers.”

Arenas’ perspective here is an interesting one although numerous other players and Magic City alum have taken Williams’ side, noting that their wings are, in fact, spectacular. Regardless of whether or not you care for strip club food, you can’t help but feel like Williams’ decision was justified.