Brick Squad Monopoly rapper Frenchie BSM is lucky to be alive after being shot multiple times, including once in the neck. Frenchie was recently released from the hospital, and upon his return home, took to Instagram to share an update with his fanbase.

Frenchie BSM – 40 Cal

“Just got out the hospital, got shot in my neck as y’all can see,” he explains. “Just fucking got out. One in my neck.”  He shows a close-up of the bandaged wound, which appears to have exited cleanly through his back. “They got my back. I’m still alive though. It’s aight. N***s can’t stop me. I’m still alive. Squad.” In the accompanying caption, Frenchie elaborates on the situation, showing gratitude to both God and his fans. “Just got out of ICU got shot in my neck and the bullet came out my back #godisgood had to let my True fans know,” he writes. 

Given the location of the gunshot wound, it’s clear that the rapper is lucky to be alive. At this point, it’s hard to deny that an influx of gun violence has been plaguing the rap game of late; aside from Frenchie, Benny The Butcher, Boosie Badazz, and Zoey Dollaz are but a few of the latest artists to suffer gunshot wounds. Chicago rapper King Von recently lost his life in a shooting incident, as did Boosie affiliate Mo3. We can only hope that this does not continue, as it’s difficult to see rappers continue to lose their lives in a violent cycle. Here’s to a quick recovery for Frenchie BSM.