FBG Duck was shot and killed earlier this week in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood. Police said that a vehicle pulled up on FBG Duck and another person before spraying shots. Footage of the shooting surfaced the internet before it was confirmed that he passed at the hospital. Mayor Lori Lightfoot held a press conference after his death where she described him as someone who “fancies himself as a rapper, but is a member of a gang.” Lightfoot said there was an ongoing conflict between his gang and another. 

During a press conference in Chicago, FBG Duck’s mother combated these claims and plead with her son’s friends and fans not to take any retaliatory actions against the people responsible for her son’s death. “I am here today to ask for peace in the city of Chicago,” LaSheena Weekly said Friday, per Chicago Sun Times. “I am asking that his fans, friends of my son, to please not seek retaliation in the death of my son…As his mother, I want to say please put the guns down so that the generation of tomorrow can grow and live a long and healthy life.”

Despite Lightfoot’s claims about Duck’s street ties, Weekly said that her son had no criminal history. “To assassinate his character as if he was this gang-banging thug, run around Chicago terrorizing communities, is an outright lie,” she added.