Many people are still trying to piece together what led to Chicago rapper FBG Duck losing his life last week due to the city’s ongoing gun violence epidemic. Now, the Chicago Police Department is hoping to make sure no more people are murdered in this potential gang war by issuing a statement instructing local residents to stay cautious by staying inside. 

In a similar fashion to the statement FBG Duck’s mom released not too long ago, Chi-Town police are hoping to combat any retaliation shootings that may occur over the next few weeks with their message. “Chicago police have expressed concerns of a possible city-wide gang war in retaliation for Tuesday’s Goldcoast [sic] shooting of Chicago rapper FBG Duck,” read the statement in all caps, following up with the words “Please be careful this weekend” in bold red lettering. The note also asked teens and young adults to stay inside to avoid any further bloodshed in the Windy City, even instructing them to “avoid routes between King Dr. and Cottage Grove south of 47th street and north of 79th street.”

Although the Gold Coast area of Chicago is one of the most affluent parts of town, the neighborhood has since been subjected to looting, arrests and violence towards cops over the past weekend. 

We pray that all of you tuning in from Chi-Town stay safe over the following weeks, and also that FBG Duck and his family get the justice they deserve.