From getting caught up in dating rumors with DaBaby, to actually getting name-dropped on one of his songs, rising artist DaniLeigh is having herself an eventful year. Opening even more eyes to her music, the Miami native is enjoying her new home in Los Angeles. However, she could do without one thing.

This week, Tekashi 6ix9ine landed in LA and stopped by Nipsey Hussle’s mural, disrespecting the rapper. He’s been causing a ruckus in the streets everywhere he goes, seemingly moving around without a care in the world. In a desperate attempt to prove to people that he’s still the same person he was before getting locked up and snitching on everyone, 6ix9ine has managed to cause quite the stir since his return. 

He’s only been in LA for a couple of days but, already, The Game and Reason are wishing he would just get out of their city. You could officially add DaniLeigh to that list.

Taking to Twitter, the rapper sent out a kind request for 6ix9ine to pack his bags and get out of the City of Angels.

“6ix9ine needa leave my city, he’s a big clown,” she wrote.

Despite her recent collaborative work with artists from Brooklyn, dabbling in the drill sound, Dani is likely crossing her fingers that Tekashi heads back to Brooklyn sooner rather than later.