There have been people who have opposed some of Kanye West‘s moves in recent years, but not many have been as vocal as D.L. Hughley. The actor doesn’t hold back when speaking about the Yeezy mogul and has made it clear that he has lost all respect for the celebrated rapper. In a recent interview with VladTV, Hughley condemned Kanye once again as he laid out exactly why he thinks the rapper is “the worst f*cking kind of human being.”

Kanye West, DL Hughley, VladTV, President, Trump
Robin Marchant / Stringer / Getty Images

When chatting with VladTV, Hughley clarifies his thoughts and says that people have been calling Kanye “crazy” or saying he has mental health issues, but not when he’s signing deals with the Gap or making business moves. “He’s only crazy right around the time a project comes out and he knows what to do.”

Hughley also adds that Kanye doesn’t make negative comments about White people, but regularly says things about the Black community. He spoke about Ye’s recent Harriet Tubman comments along with the rapper’s previous remarks about slavery. “He constantly puts an asterisk next to slavery like it wasn’t that bad,” he said. “Like all [Tubman] was doing was taking them from one job to another… He makes it seem like her accomplishments weren’t a big deal.”

He also criticized Kanye’s bid for the presidency. “At a time like this, what are you gonna do about unemployment? What are you gonna do about a pandemic? What are you gonna do about a shredded economy? What are you gonna do? ‘Cause everybody can’t wearing f*cking Yeezys and hear ‘Jesus Walks’ all the goddamn time. That’s not gon’ fix it. But you believe that it’s dope to insert yourself at a time like this? You’re the worst f*cking kind of human being. And I have no respect for him.” Watch Hughley’s scathing clip with VladTV below.