As if the slew of sexual assault accusations weren’t enough, Cuba Gooding Jr. is now faced with an allegation of rape. On Tuesday (August 18) it was announced that a woman has filed a lawsuit against the actor under the name “Jane Doe” where she claims Cuba Gooding Jr. forcibly sexually assaulted her inside of a Mercer Hotel room. She’d apparently met Gooding at a Greenwich Village lounge back in 2013 and they got to know one another while in the VIP section.

Cuba Gooding Jr.,  Rape, Sexual Assault, Mercer
Ian Gavan / Staff / Getty Images

According to the lawsuit, the woman states that Gooding invited her to have drinks at the bar inside of the Mercer, so they shared a cab to the hotel. When they arrived, the actor allegedly told her that he needed to go to his room and change so he invited her upstairs. He reportedly “put on music by Mumford & Sons and began to undress,” but the woman claims she told him she was ready to go downstairs to the bar.

“Plaintiff was wearing a halter top dress that evening. Defendant finished taking off his clothes (he was now completely naked) and forcibly and without consent put one hand in her halter top to touch Plaintiff’s breasts and one hand up her dress,” the suit reportedly says. The accuser then shares that she repeatedly told Gooding “no” but he raped her before she “hurriedly left the hotel room.”

She wants her case to be tried in front of a jury. The actor’s attorney, Mark Heller, denies that Gooding ever assaulted Jane Doe and points out that “no complaint was lodged seven years ago.” The accuser is seeking unspecified damages.