Chris Rock and his eldest daughter, Lola, are officially inked. On Wednesday (July 15th), the father-daughter duo hit up the Bang Bang tattoo parlour in New York City to each get their first tattoos ever. The 55-year-old opted for a lone Basquiat crown design, while 18-year-old Lola decided to have a dinosaur wearing the same crown in her tattoo. The official Instagram account for Bang Bang Tattoo shared some photos of both of their new tats, writing, “First tattoo for King @chrisrock and his wonderful daughter. Thank you for the trust #basquiat.” 

The first photo shows a masked-up Chris with his sleeve rolled up, showing off the new ink on his shoulder, followed by a close-up shot of the crown. The last photo gives a glimpse of Lola’s new crowned dinosaur friend.

chris rock tattoo basquiat zahra rock daughterAmy Sussman/Getty Images

Chris’ youngest daughter, Zahra, documented her father and sister’s tattoo experience on her Instagram story, beginning with a mirror selfie video of herself and Lola pre-session. The next clip shows Lola in the midst of getting inked, followed by the end result. Finally, Papa Chris is shown getting his tattoo while “Still D.R.E.” plays in the background. Let this be a reminder: it’s never too late for your first tattoo.