NBA players from22 teams are currently in Orlando, Florida where they are being secluded in the first-ever bubble city. This bubble has been created to make sure the players stay safe from the Coronavirus. If the virus were to spread amongst the players, the season would be unable to continue, and everyone involved would be much worse for wear. So far, the bubble has worked exactly how the league hoped, as not a single player has contracted the virus while in the bubble.

The players have come to an understanding in terms of the politics of it all, as many have expressed a desire to protest and show support to those on the frontlines throughout numerous US cities. Chris Paul has been one of the players leading that charge and today, he divulged some pretty interesting information. According to reporter Chris Haynes, Michelle Obama will be addressing the players in the bubble with a message about why it’s so important to vote.

The former First Lady’s message will certainly resonate especially when you consider the political climate we’re in right now. The upcoming Presidential election is perhaps one of the most important in the history of the country, and it will be important for everyone to cast their ballots come November.