Charles Barkley and Shaq have always had a peculiar relationship on TNT’s Inside the NBA. Simply put, there are times where they don’t get along with each other and it ends up leading to some pretty hilarious dialogue. Most shows, the two are pretty civil with each other but sometimes, one of the two takes it to the left and we end up with a great moment that is specifically made for being clipped to social media.

One of these instances happened just last night as Shaq was speaking on the Portland Trail Blazers and how they needed to start playing better defense against the Brooklyn Nets. When Barkley chimed in, Shaq went on a tirade about being a winner and how he knows what real defense is all about. 

Barkley didn’t back down following these comments, as he called Shaq a “fat ass” before claiming he was carried to four NBA championships by the likes of Kobe Bryant and D-Wade.

Like various other Barkley and Shaq moments, the clip went viral, with many fans offering Shaq some defense, noting that he was arguably the best player on those Shaq and Kobe teams from the early 2000s.

Either way, Shaq and Chuck always make for entertainment, which makes Inside the NBA must-see TV.