Never one to shirk an opportunity to stir the pot, Candace Owens has chimed in about the recent controversies surrounding Nick Cannon. The Black, far-right political commentator has often rubbed people the wrong way, but that has never stopped Owens from weighing in with her opinions. In a series of tweets, Owens addressed Charlamagne Tha God’s recent commentary on Nick Cannon’s firing from Viacom. Charlamagne said that Jewish people own everything and he couldn’t wait for the day that Black people could do the same and fire anyone over racism. 

“I respect @cthagod, but his comment that Nick Cannon’s firing proves ‘Jews have the power’ is off base,” Candace Owens stated. “Did the hundreds of white people who have been fired over these past few months for disagreeing with the radical goals of black lives matter prove that we have the power?” 

She added, “Thousands of blacks promoted to comply with BLM. Thousands of whites fired for disagreeing, and everyone pretended it was cool. ONE black man gets fired and now it’s ‘the Jews have power’? Nope.” Meanwhile, Nick Cannon is cleaning house over on his Instagram page and has decided to delete all of his photos as well as unfollow everyone. It looks as if he’s making some major changes in real life as well as online, so it will be interesting to see how this all unfolds in the future.