A little flexing over on Instagram has fans cracking jokes at Bow Wow‘s expense. The rapper never fails at showing off the finer things in life that his bank account helps him afford, but a mishap a few years back is still a thorn in the Growin Up Hip Hop Atlanta star’s side. Years ago, Bow Wow was accused of faking his life of luxury for social media likes. What unfolded was the “Bow Wow Challenge” where people staged lavish photos for Instagram. Bow Wow took the verbal jabs in stride and continues to do so.

Bow Wow Challenge
Bryan Steffy / Stringer / Getty Images

Recently, Bow Wow shared a photo of his high-class whip. “I am humble enough to know I’m not better than everyone else BUT wise enough to know I’m DIFFERENT! Feel like HOV on his album cover. @atldreamcars 🙏 #mulsclub @thebwapparel,” he wrote in the caption. A fan couldn’t help but ask, “Bow Wow Challenge?” The rapper took some time out of his day to respond.

“@zay_nwa not this time 😂 or ever! That was 4 yrs ago right? If u scroll down far enuff on my page THE PIC IS STILL UP!” the rapper said. A few of his followers told Bow to stop responding to “haters,” but as outspoken as he is, we doubt he’ll follow that advice. Check out Bow Wow’s post below.