Jaguar Wright made explosive allegations against Common last night when she claimed that he attempted to sexually assault her while she was sleeping. Though that was the most serious claim she made during her live stream, she also spoke on The Roots following the passing of Malik B. She said that some of Black Thought’s greatest work to date wasn’t even penned by him but instead, ghostwritten by Malik and Dice Raw, an affiliate of The Roots.

Jerod Harris/Getty Images

As these allegations emerged, Young Guru slid into the conversation with a since-deleted tweet. Guru isn’t one to participate in online discourse unless he really feels the need to. He’s typically working behind the scenes. That being said, if there’s anyone with insight on how some of rap’s most brilliant wordsmiths work behind closed doors, it’s him. HipHopDX caught the tweet from Guru before he took it down.

“Y’all know I don’t get on these internets for nothing. I let a lot of things slide. But what y’all not about to do is question @blackthought’s pen. That’s not about to happen in my lifetime!!!” Guru wrote.

Jaguar Wright’s hour-long video has garnered tons of attention over the past day. She took to Instagram earlier today revealing that she was getting death threats over the claims she made yesterday.