Kanye West has been known for bringing some wild sneaker designs to the table and with the samples that recently hit the internet this week, it’s clear that Ye has no intention of chilling out when it comes to some of the designs he has planned. Of course, there have been various samples to make their way online over the years so don’t get too worked up about what you’re about to see, as there is no real guarantee that it will ever be released.

Thanks to Yeezy Mafia, we have some pretty interesting teasers and as you can see below, the shoe looks like a sort of moon boot from outer space. In a way, the silhouette is a bit like the Yeezy basketball shoe although with a much more obvious boot-like quality. Each shoe found below is incredibly bulky and we almost find it hard to imagine wearing these in any sort of practical sense, although we’re sure plenty of hardcore Yeezy fans would rush to buy these if given a chance.

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