Benzino has had his fair share of legal issues as of late. It seems like the only time he’s ever in the news these days is because he’s gotten arrested or for some other crazy stuff.

On that note, the former Love & Hip Hop star has been locked up again after throwing a fit of jealous rage. 

The incident reportedly took place on Friday morning when Benzino allegedly started shouting at a man who was hanging out with Althea Heart. Benzino says that he was in the area watching his son play tennis but, according to the other man, what actually happened is quite different.

Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

The man that Benzino was shouting at says he has “been seeing” Althea for a little bit, going out for a walk in her neighborhood. When they got back to his truck, Benzino reportedly approached them in a threatening manner. When he tried to get back into his car, Benzino apparently punched it multiple times. He left two dents in the driver’s side door.

He was arrested on one count of criminal property damage and one count of disorderly conduct. His bail was set at $8,450 and, according to several sources, he is still in jail.

Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

Benzino reportedly denied damaging the man’s truck but a witness is backing up the story that he punched the door.