Six years after Kanye West stormed the MTV VMAs stage during Taylor Swift‘s acceptance speech, he brought in laughs at the Grammys. When Beck beat out Beyoncé for Album of the Year and stood at the microphone to give his speech, Kanye approached as if he was going to make a repeat VMAs moment but decided to trod back down the stairs. Ye’s moves were met with laughter as Beck urged him to return, however, Kanye West decided to sit that one out.

Recently, Beck reflected on the awkward 2015 Grammy’s moment “Yeah, he was disappointed about that, which I respected and I was fine with. Later on, I’ve run into him since, and I ran into him earlier this year, and he just turned around and pointed at me and said, ‘I like your music’ and smiled and then walked away,” Beck recently told Zane Lowe.

“To me, I was a little confused,” he added about the tense 2015 stage moment. “I hold his music in high regard, but on the human side of it, he was doing a recording session four days later with my dad. My dad was doing all the strings. So, he can walk up on that stage, but then he’s making a record with my dad four days later… The music business, it’s small. I think of us as a family. I don’t really think of us as divided, and fair enough if he was disappointed that I won an award. I was just as surprised as anybody to win, and I’ve lost far more than I’ve won, and that’s great, you know?”

During his 2015 interview with Zane Lowe, Ye would apologize to Beck and he reportedly sent him flowers, as well.