Be prepared to hear much more from Akon about Tekashi 6ix9ine because the mogul is sure to be pegged with questions regarding their friendship. Days ago, 6ix9ine was spotted on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles as he was being filmed and yelled at while walking down the street. A TMZ cameraman asked him about his time in the City of Angels and being accused of disrespecting Nipsey Hussle by visiting his memorial, but 6ix9ine stated that it was all about love. On his heels was Akon who was traveling with the “Trollz” rapper, which didn’t surprise the public because the two artists have been working on a 6ix9ine remake of Akon’s classic hit “Locked Up.”

Akon recently sat down with VladTV and talked about his relationship with 6ix9ine, once again fiercely defending the rapper—and himself. “Just think about it, Vlad. Half the people that are upset aren’t in the street. Never been in the streets. They don’t even live by the code of the street,” Akon said. “Tekashi ain’t snitch on you. Why are you mad? Just think about it. If I was in the mix with him and I was affected by him telling on whoever or for whatever reason he told. I don’t like to talk about why he did, I just know that for whatever reason he did it, he had his reasons.”

“It goes to a matter of who you decide to believe,” Akon added. “Me? I don’t give a f*ck who did what. What I can tell you is, that whole clique was super messy. Everybody was sloppy. And everybody was trying to claim notoriety. Real street n*ggas ain’t doing sh*t that loud. They not broadcasting sh*t they doing.”

He went on to say that “80 percent of” what 6ix9ine and his crew did “is entertainment”  and that the remainder was “a real street n*gga that did some sh*t for real and the Feds focused on that. When they focused on that they realized that can’t just be done by one person. That was done by a collaboratory group that all agreed this needs to be done so let’s do it.”

Vlad mentions 6ix9ine putting a hit out on Chief Keef for $20K, but again Akon defended the rapper. “You gotta know Tekashi was doing a lot of that just for views.” Vlad added that someone got paid and a guy shot at Chief Keef, but still Akon wouldn’t be moved. Check out their heated exchange below.