A quick trip to Nipsey Hussle‘s mural in Los Angeles has caused an uproar. Tekashi 6ix9ine is in the City of Angels and not everyone is happy to see the rapper touch down. DaniLeigh, The Game, and Reason have all verbalized their opposition to 6ix9ine’s L.A. antics, but the rapper remains unmoved. TMZ spotted him on Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills on Friday (August 14) as he was hanging out with his friend and collaborator Akon.

Of course, 6ix9ine was mobbing deep with his security team who was quickly ushering him through the streets and back to his vehicle. People stopped to film—and scream at—the rapper as he walked swiftly away from a crowd that was yelling and following closely.

“I love Nipsey,” 6ix9ine told TMZ before adding that he kneeled out of respect. “I love Nipsey just like you love Biggie. That’s all it is.” The man behind the camera asked if the rapper had any words for his critics. “Nah. Just love in the city, man.”

The TMZ cameraman wasn’t going to let him off the hook that easily, so he continued to follow 6ix9ine. He asked the rapper how much he’s spending on his bodyguards who are “risking their lives.” Tekashi called his team “good dudes” and dodged the question. Security then forced everyone to keep their distance as 6ix9ine and Akon hopped in their vehicle and sped off into the distance. Check out the clip below.