Ever since T.I. went on a heated Instagram rant calling out 50 Cent for a Verzuz battle, the two have been committed to going back-and-forth with each other. The online discourse surrounding their respective catalogs displayed a division among fans over the past few months. T.I. has made a concerted effort since then to get 50 Cent to agree while the G-Unit head honcho has used the opportunity to troll the King Of The South. 

During a recent episode of The Fat Joe Show, T.I. and Fat Joe discussed their respective catalogs and their most impactful albums. Tip went onto admit that 50 Cent’s Get Rich Or Die Trying is a classic that you can run from top to bottom with no skips. However, Tip also suggested that’s the only Fif album that can be deemed a classic. 

“I love 50. That whole album is jammin’. Top to bottom,” T.I. said. “Bruh, I got five classics. Three, if you’re being conservative. I have five classics.”

50 Cent reposted the clip on his IG in disbelief over Tip’s assessment of their discographies. 

“The man said he got 5 classics,😳it’s too early i’m going back to sleep,” 50 Cent said.

Fat Joe chimed in, commenting, “We talking bout Classics we talking bout Classics lol in my AI voice lol.” Check out Fif’s post below.