This isn’t the first time that Melania Trump goes viral for pulling her hand away from her husband, the President, but it’s certainly got everyone talking again.

After getting off of Air Force One, Donald Trump walked down the ramp with cameras pointed in their faces. Attempting to show unity with his family, and especially his wife, he tried to hold Melania’s hand multiple times but, as she often does, she pulled her hand away to A. clutch her purse, B. readjust her dress, and more. 

We’ve already written about Rihanna’s response to the humorous display, which many are joking is a sign that the First Lady really wants nothing to do with the President. “Melania likes art,” wrote Rih, referring to her previous graffiti job saying “Fuck Trump.”

Now, 50 Cent is getting involved, letting the world know his two cents on it.

“She don’t want to hold his hand. LOL,” wrote the legendary rapper and executive producer of the hit series Power. No, Curtis, she definitely does not want to hold his hand.

I don’t know about you but, once this is all said and done, I’m definitely interested in reading Melania Trump’s tell-all book. I feel like there will definitely be some dirt in there that nobody is expecting.